Harnessing the power of motherhood to drive change

Hi! I’m Saralyn, a Colorado mom of three, author, entrepreneur, speaker, and advocate.

It’s always been my belief that — if given the opportunity to truly thrive — mothers have a unique collective power that can move mountains.

Despite our outward differences, we share a common bond: we want the best for our children. This shared goal cultivates empathy and understanding, demands positive change, and serves as the foundation for a future in which we all have the chance to succeed.

My mission is to help women recognize their full potential, individually and collectively, while bringing their needs, goals, and experiences to the forefront of public policy and dialogue. Together, we’re inspiring a generation of fulfilled, fun, and fearless mothers building a better future for themselves, their families, and the world at large.

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Official bio

Saralyn Ward is an award-winning writer, TV host, and wellness advocate whose passion is to inspire and empower women to live their best life. She’s the founder of the Better After Baby mobile app and the force behind The Mama Sagas: a media company using stories to break down stigmas, building a village of compassionate and purpose-driven mothers. In June of 2018, Saralyn published Amazon’s #1 New Kindle Release in Babies and Toddlers: The Guide to Survive Motherhood: Newborn Edition – the first truly interactive and comprehensive digital resource for new moms. She writes for several publications including TODAY Parents, Thrive Global, Huff Post, Colorado Parent magazine, Dance magazine, elephant journal, 5280 Magazine, and Women of Denver magazine, and offers tips to survive parenthood on live television for Colorado’s morning news. In 2017, Saralyn’s writing was honored with a Gold Medal by the Parenting Media Association, and in 2016, her company The Mama Sagas was honored as an official artist of the New York Television Festival. Finally, Saralyn is an editor for Healthline Media, the most visited health information site in the world. When she’s not falling asleep at her computer, you’ll find Saralyn climbing mountains or skiing down them with three little ones in tow.

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