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A postpartum village in the palm of your hand

It’s easy to feel blindsided when you become a mom. Besides the learning curve that comes with taking care of a new baby, we’re not always prepared for the other big challenge new motherhood presents: redefining our sense of self.

It’s not just our physical bodies that change; often we feel we are called to adapt professionally, socially, emotionally, and even financially, too. Navigating this shift of identity is no small feat, but learning to care for yourself is just as important as learning to care for your child.

Better After Baby is a free postpartum wellness app that offers the expert solutions you need to thrive, holistically. With breastfeeding tips, mental health support, naptime workouts, pelvic floor and diastasis information, baby care expertise, professional resources, and more, we’re bringing the village right to the palm of your hand.

What’s in the app?

The Better After Baby app offers four sections of content: Naptime Workouts, Your Baby, Your Body, and Your Best Life.

Our monthly Naptime Workouts take less than 30 minutes, can be done anywhere, and are safe for postpartum mamas. Level 1 workouts are appropriate for 6 weeks – 3 months postpartum, and safe for those recovering from diastasis recti. The level 2 workouts are for the mama who is 3-6 months postpartum, who wants a little more of a challenge but is still gaining strength and endurance. Our level 3 workouts will help you burn calories and build strength, 6 months postpartum and on.

For quick information to help you parent, check out the Your Baby section. There you’ll find answers from pediatricians, sleep experts, celebrity nannies, and companies like The Bump.

In the Your Body section of the app, you’ll find information from OBGYNs, dietitians and physical therapists who specialize in things like C-section recovery, pelvic floor health, and diet plans that boost your mood and milk supply.
And in the section called Your Best Life, you’ll discover resources to help you thrive. From mental health content to career resources and first-person essays, the information in this section will help you find your groove as you navigate your new life with baby in tow.

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Better After Baby App
I’ve never seen a postpartum app this comprehensive. It’s more than just workouts and recipes, it’s tips to help you navigate life as a new mom! From healing my pelvic floor (I had no idea that was even a thing!) to finding out facts about vaccines and sleep, this app has helped me with it all.”
– COmama103 App store review

“This app is the mom community I wish I had at my fingertips after having had my first baby over 5 years ago. It has a wealth of information and helpful resources for diastasis recti, and where to go for the ongoing quest of mental and emotional support. Thank you for such a brilliant app!”
– NYCmama40 App store Review

“Beautifully put together and easy to use. A great resource.”

-rrrrrrrrrrrrobs App store review

Do you want to contribute content to the app?

If you’re a professional or a business serving new moms, reach out to themamasagas@gmail.com to chat about opportunities to feature your brand and expertise.