Better After Baby app

A postpartum village, right in the palm of your hand

Better After Baby is a mobile app bridging the gap in postpartum care by connecting moms to a digital community of postpartum and pediatric experts.

Our unique monthly subscription addresses the full spectrum of postpartum needs, from feeding and fitness, to sleep and sex, and everything in between. We’re meeting moms in the trenches of new motherhood with the evidence-based solutions and welcoming community they need to thrive.

Here's the problem...

Moms are in crisis from day 1. Welcoming a baby can be a joyous experience, but life changes overnight. Many women lack the support and resources needed to feel confident in their new role, their new body, and their new identity. 

Generations ago, we relied on a village of moms and caregivers to nurture us through the transition to motherhood. But now, moms are struggling at unprecedented rates:  

  • Half of women in the United States do not receive any postpartum healthcare
  • 1 in 5 women experience postpartum mental health issues 
  • 97% of women seek breastfeeding support
  • 73% of new moms have symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction
  • 45% of women experience birth trauma, and maternal mortality rates in the early postpartum period are rising, with black women 4 times more likely to die before their babies are 6 weeks old.

But that’s just the beginning: getting help is EXPENSIVE. Eighty percent (80%!) of working women give birth without any paid leave, and 1 in 3 US families can’t find childcare, making it hard to work. For a lot of women, getting professional postpartum help doesn’t fit the budget, and they resign themselves to the fact that they will feel broken for the rest of their lives.

A postpartum app to help you find your stride, on a budget

Better After Baby solves the postpartum care gap by providing a monthly subscription that gives moms exactly what they want and need.

We’ll give you peace of mind, any time day or night

Better after Baby delivers evidence-based answers from a trusted, digital village of experts offering to the most pressing questions new moms face — no more desperate midnight scrolling. Get affordable, expert guidance on breastfeeding, sleep training, formula feeding, pelvic floor rehab, hormone health, diet, postpartum intimacy, and professional resources to help ease your transition back to work while protecting your legal rights as a working mom.

We’ll help you feel strong and confident in your body again

Access dozens of tailored postpartum workouts to help you navigate your post-birth fitness journey on your terms, including the first-ever Postpartum Return to Run protocol, used by the US Military and commissioned by the US Air Force.

We’ll help you find mom friends that get you

Share questions, concerns, and experiences with fellow Moms who have been there, done that —  in a safe, judgment-free space.

We’ll help you feel your best mentally and emotionally

With a mental health risk assessment tracker, an emergency support line, and strategies to mitigate postpartum mood and anxiety disorders, we’ll walk with you through every peak and valley

We’ll do the legwork for you when you need more help

Better After Baby offers concierge services like referrals to postpartum care providers in cities nationwide, and special deals on products and services that make mom life easier.

Better After Baby 2.0 is coming soon!

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Our backstory

I'm Saralyn, the founder of the Better After Baby app, and I'm here to help you findyour groove.

I started working closely with postpartum women over 20 years ago, as a Pilates instructor and personal trainer. But it wasn’t until I had my first baby that I realized how little I truly understood about the postpartum body, the transition to motherhood, and the challenges unique to new moms. 

When my first baby was about 3 months old, I remember one night in particular, rocking her in the early morning hours. Breastfeeding felt impossible, she was screaming, and I had no idea what to do. I had no one to call at that hour, and no time to search for credible answers online. I felt desperate, and remember looking at my phone, thinking, I wish there was a community of women I could tap into, right now, to find help. That was the initial vision for Better After Baby. 

Since that night, I’ve had two more children, overcome postpartum depression, self-published an e-book about postpartum health, hosted a weekly parenting segment on live TV, started a blog of motherhood stories, helped the United States Air Force develop their own postpartum app, and lobbied members of congress for policies to help working moms. Still, my original vision for a postpartum app and community grew stronger every year.

Bringing a vision to life

I bootstrapped the first version of Better After Baby in 2019, and launched the app on licensed technology. It grew quickly to 600 users in the first months, without a single dollar spent on marketing, proving what I believed all along — new moms are craving a village of support to help cradle them, so they can better cradle their baby.

Unfortunately, in 2023, the company that hosted the first version of Better After Baby shut down, and the app shut down with it. 

Now, we’re re-launching bigger and better than ever, with added features and benefits and brand new content. Better After Baby 2.0 is targeted for release at the end of 2024, and we want you to help us cross the finish line. Join our crowdfunding campaign and be a part of the movement to bring better postpartum care to women everywhere. 

Better After Baby 2.0 is coming soon!

Get notified when the app is live by joining our iFundWomen campaign.


New moms deserve better

Ultimately, the Better After Baby vision is simple: we’re here to give Moms the support they need when they need it, all with one click. Together, we’re making the world a better place for pregnant Mamas, new Moms, their partners, and little ones alike. Are you ready to find your village?

“I’ve never seen a postpartum app this comprehensive. It’s more than just workouts and recipes, it’s tips to help you navigate life as a new mom! From healing my pelvic floor (I had no idea that was even a thing!) to finding out facts about vaccines and sleep, this app has helped me with it all.”

App Store Review

“Amazing [content] with the high-level info you really want to know as you start your life as a new mama. I love that the content comes from experts and doctors in each area. Save yourself 5,000 Google searches and sorting through questionable advice on baby boards. This is going to be your best pal for everything from what to expect with birth recovery to losing weight, baby blues and the list goes on. I’m 8 months in with my LO and I’m still learning how to take care of myself. This is such a huge help.”

Amazon Review

“This app is the mom community I wish I had at my fingertips after having had my first baby over 5 years ago. It has a wealth of information and helpful resources for diastasis recti, and where to go for the ongoing quest of mental and emotional support. Thank you for such a brilliant app!”

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