#31Mothers: Allison

There’s nothing very unique about me as a mom, I don’t have much of a story, but I’m obsessed with mommy-hood.

Even on the days when Mitchell refuses to nap, throws most of his food (that I spent 20 minutes preparing) on the floor for our dog, and smacks me in the face with his megablock, I take a deep breath and realize how much I love this little person. I took this photo when I had just found out that we were moving from Florida to Colorado, and also that I was also pregnant with baby #2. I had packing to do, I had laundry to do, I had doctors appointments to make and new doctors to find…. But in that moment I realized: the dishes aren’t going anywhere. The laundry and 100 other things could wait, because eventually the morning naps and baby snuggles will end. Once my little boy snuggled up on me, nothing else mattered.

To me, motherhood means unconditional love, being present, patient and accepting that when it comes to your little one everything else can wait.




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