Running on Empty

Raise your hand if you are a ‪sleep‬ deprived ‪‎mama‬?? I loved hearing battle stories of other ‪moms‬ who have done crazy things while running on empty. Me? I tried to open the front door of the house with my key fab! How about this: we all know ‪thestruggleisreal‬. So how’s about we stop asking each other if our babies are sleeping through the night?! No one needs to feel bad about the ‪TRUTH‬. Even if they are today, tomorrow is sure to bring a new challenge: teething, sickness, falling out of the big girl bed, teenagers driving alone at night… Let’s just all realize none of us are getting any shut eye, celebrate the rare occasion when we do, and laugh off the rest. Whaddya say ladies?

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