Shayna: Frankenpu$$y


During the first couple days of filming, I gave each mom a list of questions I wanted them to consider. No pressure: just some ideas to get the stories flowing. I asked them to choose what they wanted to talk about, what they felt comfortable sharing – and no topic was off limits.Of course a lot of mamas were a little shy at first; after all, many of them had never met me before and here I am asking them to spill the dirt on topics they reserve only for their closest girlfriends, or maybe no one at all! Weeeellllll, Shayna – god bless her – had no shame. No fear. “Tell me about your vagina,” I said. And that she did.

(As a matter of fact, Shayna happens to be a stand-up comic, and half of the comedy team behind the genius Pump and Dump show. Go see her. You won’t be disappointed.)

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