I have found – after years of losing my identity outside of motherhood – the importance of taking care of myself first.

It has been a pretty cool evolution to watch and feel the difference when I make myself a priority and how it reflects onto my kids, my mood, and all of our lives.

My kids have grown up watching me prioritizing myself, and watching me focus on health and fitness. Now they are heavily involved in wellness, too. I’m a fitness coach, and when asked what I do, my kids say I “help people” – that’s one of my favorite things to hear. They are a driving force behind how hard I work to provide them with the version of myself and the best lifestyle I can. 

My kids have taught me that I’m way stronger than I ever gave myself credit for.

But they’ve also taught me I need to improve my organization and structure. My kids have taught me things I need to work on so that I can pave the way for the humans I want them to be. They help you reflect on who you are and how you act and really think if that’s the version of you you’d like them to grow up and emulate. 

The biggest misconception of motherhood is that it comes naturally.

There are definite maternal instincts, but motherhood is a fail-forward, time after time. You just gotta keep trying to be the best damn version Mom you can possibly be. Because, no matter what, when you are your best self, everyone wins.

Kristina Battaglia
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Kristina Battaglia lives in Buffalo, NY. She is a wife and mom to Gavin & Lynkon (6) and Piper (almost 3). Kristina struggled with fertility, has PCOS and thyroid issues. Her boys arrived with the help of fertility treatments, and Piper is her miracle babe. Kristina is a fitness coach with a passion for empowering women to get after the best version of themselves.