Motherhood drives me to make my business work.

The dream of a more free lifestyle to spend time with my family on my terms is what motivates me through the tough days and has a positive influence on my work. On the other hand, motherhood also makes it challenging to do things for my business when I’m needed most moments of the day to be a mom. It’s been a challenge to do certain things like team events and networking events because even though she goes everywhere with me, it’s tough to be fully present. 

Through all of it, though, I’ve learned so much about who I really am. I’ve shown myself what I’m capable of and just how strong I really can be! I had so many fears starting from day 1 of finding out I was pregnant to the whole idea of labor and then the obvious, fear of being a good mom. It sounds cliché to say “I’ve shown myself I can do anything I put my mind to,” but that’s the reality. When I don’t question anything, say yes and go for it with pure commitment in my mind, what I’m aiming for comes to fruition. 

I’ve also learned what my limits really are and how much I have not mastered patience.

Still, motherhood inspires me to be the best version of myself so my little girl has a good role model. I also feel more feminine now that I’m a mom, which I love. 

I think it’s important for women to know that becoming a mom doesn’t mean your world has to change to chaos.

Where I’ve found challenges I’ve also found great reward. If you choose to make certain things a priority, space for them naturally opens up.

As women, we have a presence that is needed in this world. Our intuition and ability to be compassionate is more of what the world needs to become a better place. Being a mom has pulled that out of me in so many ways. I didn’t understand others as much before I was a mom. Now I have more compassion and patience.

Being a mom can be empowering. It doesn’t have to be limiting.

You can have a life you dream of. You just have to take the leap, put yourself out there and let it happen. Don’t overthink it, allow it to be a journey you just ride the wave. I’m so thankful I have built a business working from home. I now have flexibility to stay home with my baby and that may not have happened had I limited my abilities with negative self talk. If I can do it anyone can! 

Crista Solano
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Crista Solano is the founder of Solano Soul Creations and a virtual personal assistant. A ninja multi-tasker and manager of administration, Crista’s skill set in administration advanced her to supporting c-level executives in large corporations for the last ten-plus years. In 2013 she transitioned into the start-up space and found a passion for supporting mission-driven entrepreneurs in the transformation industry. She is also the mother to a beautiful little 2 year old girl and three fur babies. She spends her off time enjoying outdoors camping, seeing her favorite artists at concerts and has a passion for dancing and singing.