This. This clip right here sums up what so many of us feel in the early days of motherhood.

When we we began filming The Mama Sagas videos, Cristina was one of the first women I interviewed. Speaking with her was one of the most profound moments I’ve had on this journey so far, simply because she was so honest and raw about what she was feeling that I could feel it too. I knew then that getting these stories out into the world was so important.

When we spoke, Cristina had just had her baby 8 days prior. She didn’t have an easy labor, nor did she have an easy delivery. She was still in the THICK of it, learning how to keep up with a newborn and manage her own healing. A week or so after we filmed, she ended up in the hospital again after she passed out on the bathroom floor: complications from her C-section had caused blood clots (she is ok now, thankfully). But her honesty is what The Mama Sagas is all about.

Motherhood is tough, but moms are way tougher.