Today is the kickoff to #31mothers- our yearly celebration of motherhood, in all its forms. Throughout the month of May, The Mama Sagas blog will feature 31 different mothers, with 31 unique experiences.

There is nothing like the power of story to heal, to bridge divides, to build community, or to cultivate empathy. Though our journeys through motherhood may look different, we all want the same for our kids – love, safety, opportunity, and hope. I hope you’ll enjoy reading these stories as much as I enjoy curating them. As for my story?

…Motherhood has broken me down, carried me through and toughened me up. Motherhood has illuminated my potential, exposed my weakness, and fortified my strength. It has connected me to humanity in a way I never knew possible, and given me purpose. My dreams came sharply into focus when I realized I had little eyes watching me, and no longer had time, energy or resources to waste. The future became immediate.

Every day, I’m learning to forgive myself for the mistakes I’m making along the way. I’m learning to care less about what other people think and choosing to trust the divine wisdom that all of us forget we have. I’m playing and laughing and ignoring the dirt in the corners of the room. And I’m choosing to live the life that sets me on fire, in the hopes that my daughters will learn to do the same.

I wake up way too early and always take on too much so I hope you’ll forgive me when I don’t post a story every day. But I promise there will be #31mothers with 31 stories that will stir something in you. And I hope you’ll be inspired to share your own story. The world is waiting for your voice.

saralyn_worldchanger_001 (1)📷 and 📿 courtesy of @threadsworldwide …more to share about them, soon. 💕

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Saralyn Ward is an award-winning writer, wellness advocate, and mountain mama. She is the founder of The Mama Sagas, writes for several publications and hosts a regular parenting TV segment on Colorado's Everyday Show. When she's not huddled over edits, you're likely to find Saralyn climbing peaks or skiing down them, and reminding herself that the two little girls that call her mom are not the boss of her.