Because She’s My Mom

While doing Mother’s Day writing with my first graders, the typical answers came out:


What does your mom like to do?

“Go grocery shopping.”

“Take care of me and my sister.”


What is mom good at?

“Folding clothes.”


“Doing mom stuff.”

How does my mom relax?

Some were unsure. One kid drew his mom with her phone. Some said that mommy relaxes by “drinking wine” or “smoking cigarettes”… I thought, Ya know what?! She probably does, buddy! I know this mommy likes her wine!

I wondered, would my kids even know how I relax? My kids call our bed “dad’s bed” because I am never in it…

I had to ask them. And you know what they said?

That I relax by “looking at my phone.” Mmm… guilty. And you know what? I deserve my phone.
But, I digress. The truth is, my first graders also said some of the most loving things to their moms, too:  foster moms, adoptive moms, lesbian moms, single moms. They said:
“I love my mom because she cuddles me.”
“Because she makes me feel safe.”
“Because she takes care of me.”
“Because she loves me.”
“Because she’s my mom.”
And that’s what being a mom is all about right? Unconditional love, laundry that never ends, and finding ways to relax amidst the chaos. Even if it means wine and the occasional cigarette.
From a central New York teacher by day, mama of 3 young boys at night.
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