While doing Mother’s Day writing with my first graders, the typical answers came out:

What does your mom like to do?

  • “Go grocery shopping.”
  • “Take care of me and my sister.”

What is mom good at?

  • “Folding clothes.”
  • “Cleaning.”
  • “Doing mom stuff.”

How does my mom relax?

Some were unsure. One kid drew his mom with her phone. Some said that mommy relaxes by “drinking wine” or “smoking cigarettes”… I thought, Ya know what?! She probably does, buddy! I know this mommy likes her wine!

I wondered, would my kids even know how I relax? My kids call our bed “dad’s bed” because I am never in it…

I had to ask them. And you know what they said?

That I relax by “looking at my phone.” Mmm… guilty. And you know what? I deserve my phone.

But, I digress. The truth is, my first graders also said some of the most loving things to their moms, too:  foster moms, adoptive moms, lesbian moms, single moms. They said:

  • “I love my mom because she cuddles me.”
  • “Because she makes me feel safe.”
  • “Because she takes care of me.”
  • “Because she loves me.”

“Because she’s my mom.”

And that’s what being a mom is all about right? Unconditional love, laundry that never ends, and finding ways to relax amidst the chaos. Even if it means wine and the occasional cigarette.

Sarah is a central New York teacher by day, and a mom of three boys at night.

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