My motto as a working mother is to learn and perfect the art of juggling multiple balls at the same time without dropping a single one. Being a mother makes you more responsible in your professional and personal life and you have to master the art of multi-tasking to be successful in both arenas.

Yet there are some challenges we can’t control. Employers need to be more sensitive to issues related to taking time off when our children are sick. I had a hard time with my employer when my infant son was hospitalized: I was indirectly threatened to be fired.

I have a PhD and still a substantial portion of my paycheck is used towards childcare; hence I cannot take any further classes needed for me to advance in my career. Moreover, in spite of the high childcare cost, the care we receive is not very satisfactory. Ultimately, I have decided to take time off of work because the cost is so high.

Nabanita lives in Denver, Colorado.



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