Motherhood has profoundly changed my life’s course.

My three kids are my enlightenment. I am constantly learning lessons from them: how to be aware in the present moment, how to be an example of responsibility and fun, how to guide them to be their truest selves. Motherhood continuously teaches me lessons of humility, leadership and communication. I’m learning to lead by example and inspire action rather than telling them what to do. I feel like motherhood is the most continuously challenging and humbling experience. There really isn’t ever a break from being a mom. Present moment awareness is key, because they are always observing and learning.

I’m so grateful for my awakening in becoming a single Mom. It’s not as terrifying or lonely as people think.

I was a Mom in a relationship (of my dreams! I thought at the time) and looking back on it, I was extremely lonely and unsupported, way more than I am now. It has been almost 3 years since leaving a very emotionally-toxic relationship. Some people feel bad when they hear the news; they often express sympathy. But what they don’t know is that I have never felt more supported in my entire life. Thankfully, I have such a strong village supporting the growth of my children; both Grandparents are involved in the kids’ lives, as well as amazing aunties and uncles, cousins, teachers, coaches, and friends! Even other kids and their friends’ families are so kind to us and lend a helping hand, from offering a sleepover or a ride home from practice.

My biggest challenge is ensuring that I’m carving out space for each child one on one. Since I am a single mama of three working full time with side projects, it can get complex when planning that into our schedule. It’s necessary time for truly understanding what they respond to as individuals – balancing their unique needs with the family schedule is a lot.

Having kids lit a fire under me when I realized all my choices directly effect them and their lives.

I work full time for an employer and when I’m not there I’m focusing on my woodwork – carving bangles – and astrology readings. My kids influence me to be a bossed up entrepreneurial business mama! Everything I do has their best interest in mind. They inspire me to create my artwork, and also drive me to understand the world of healing. As I continue to cultivate my own healing, I can see their needs more clearly as well. Experiencing this has shown me: when we live in balance, we as Mamas can begin to heal the world by starting with our own personal family solar systems.

When we become mothers we should not put our needs for healing, happiness and self-love on the back burner.

When we prioritize the conditions that we need to thrive as mothers– creatively, physically, and mindfully saving space for our own continuous growth– we can become even better at our role as Mothers.

Women are magical and powerful beings as it is, but motherhood channels our deepest strength and courage. When we become mothers we turn into superhuman sheroes, aligned with survival and creating a loving space for ourselves and our families.

Marsha Pacificar
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