Living More Purposefully Through Motherhood
July 28, 2017
  What has motherhood taught me? I can manifest my dreams! I am incredibly strong. I have so much fun with my son.  My inner-child has really come out. I’ve learned to receive help easier. I was always the giver. I know exactly what I want for us. I have never been so focused in […]


What has motherhood taught me?
  1. I can manifest my dreams!
  2. I am incredibly strong.
  3. I have so much fun with my son.  My inner-child has really come out.
  4. I’ve learned to receive help easier. I was always the giver.
  5. I know exactly what I want for us. I have never been so focused in my life, yet I am confident and the path is so clear. It feels wonderful!

Motherhood is the most love I could have never known existed.

As a single mom, people have come to me in awe that I am doing it all so well. What they don’t know is that this is the hardest job I’ve ever taken on. I learn something new each day. Having such a good little boy has helped.

The other day I went to pick up my son from school around 6pm. Another little girl in the late day room, Margot, was the last one there, waiting for her mom to pick her up. As we got into the elevator, my son stepped out and said “No MOM, we will wait for Margot’s mommy to get here!” and went back into the classroom. This kind of compassion my little man has makes my heart sing! Despite the challenges, I must be doing something right.

 My whole business identity had to change after motherhood, too.

I spent 7 years building my purpose-driven event production and strategic marketing company called Agent of Change. For a long time, I used to pray for an investor or a partner to come in and help me take it to the next level. After becoming a mother, I quietly took a leap into uncertainty and I switched my website to my name – from www.aocnetwork.com to www.rachelpaigegoldstein.com – and put myself up for hire as every penny, every expense now went to raising my son. I was working for two now. Surprisingly enough, making this switch has done wonders for my business as we have more clients than before. It feels good that I can still make a difference in the world.

The hardest thing is leaving my son at daycare from 8:30am – 6pm, 5 days per week.

I want to raise him, watch him grow, and help advance his beautiful little brain – I always dreamed of becoming a mom, but owning my own business hasn’t provided me with another option. I am so thankful for the incredible teachers I found for him. I am surprised at the end of each day with the clever things he says or mannerisms he has picked up. This community is such a blessing.

Having my son has made every aspect of my life even more purposeful.

I went from being a single woman who was ‘raised by New York City’, owned her own business, and traveled all over the world, to a complete homebody who is usually asleep by 9pm. I used to live a haphazard lifestyle – now all I focus on is being the best mom I can be and raising a compassionate little man.

In my work, my experience as a mother has driven me want to help new moms – especially single ones – get their papers organized, homes ready, registries set just because I care. I also want to give to moms who struggle to provide for their kids. Every single piece of clothing, toy, item my son has grown out of has been handed down to a child in need. I make it a special project for he and I to do together so he learns how to give to others, encouraging him to become his own agent of change.

Rachel Goldstein
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Rachel Paige Goldstein is the Founder and CEO of Agent of Change, a company founded solely on the core value of making a difference in people's lives through its event production, strategic marketing campaigns, and project management. Change happens by those who ask for it, and it is Rachel’s fundamental principle to provide those who seek change with the proper tools to achieve it. You can follow Rachel on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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