Treat Yourself Before the Holidays
November 16, 2018
 It’s the middle of November and before Thanksgiving, which means it’s TOTALLY an ok time to spend money on yourself before going into holiday shopping mode. Today I visited the Everyday Show to share some of my favorite ways mamas can spoil themselves this holidays season! Keystone Resorts: Keystone is one of the most […]

It’s the middle of November and before Thanksgiving, which means it’s TOTALLY an ok time to spend money on yourself before going into holiday shopping mode. Today I visited the Everyday Show to share some of my favorite ways mamas can spoil themselves this holidays season!

Keystone Resorts:

  • Keystone is one of the most kid-friendly resorts in all of Colorado!
  • They have the world’s largest snowfort, located on Dercum Mountain, which kids of all ages are bound to enjoy.
  • Keystone’s Kidtopia lineup, offered every day of the season, is free and includes activities such as the village parade and fireworks, family game nights, hands-on-learning activities, ice cream parties and meeting Keystone’s Ski Patrol rescue dogs.
  • The Kidtopia Holiday Spectacular, Nov. 24-Dec. 24, brings winter to life with festive holiday celebrations throughout the month
  • Keystone’s Cyber Week sale will run November 21, 2018 – November 27, 2018 with up to 40% of lodging accommodations, even over the holidays! Rates start at just $109 per night.

Bloom Jewelry:

  • Bloom is a woman-owned, woman-run, woman-produced line based here in Denver. It was started by a mom of two, working out of her home studio, and has been nationally recognized by InStyle Magazine and Women’s Wear Daily.
  • Bloom uses the finest materials from around the world and stands behind each piece for the length of its life. Broken chain? They will fix it, no questions asked!
  • Each piece is made to order, so Bloom can switch metals, adjust lengths or change stones depending on the vision of the customer.
  • Bloom is sold at jewelrybybloom.com, multiple stores in the Denver metro area and across the country. Use code EVERYDAY20 for 20% off!
  • Bloom diamonds are set in oxidized sterling silver.  Studs start at $95 and the necklaces shown are all under $150.
  • Our hoops elevate even the most basic of outfits, so school drop offs can feel a little more pulled together.
  • Garnets are known to bring Balance to the wearer’s life. As moms juggling a million different things, this stone gives off great energy.

    The BirthFit EmPack


  • Having a baby is the most athletic event of your life. With this diaper bag turned weight training pack, you can start your workout when YOU are ready.
  • It’s a fully functional backpack that converts into your weight pack! Fits up to two reservoirs. Each reservoir holds 15 pounds of water or 21 pounds of sand.
  • Six padded, double stitched handles to use during training – functions as a barbell, kettlebell or dumbbell
  • Two main zipper pockets for easier access to anything you may need inside the bag: on the bottom of the bag and on the back panel
  • Water hydration bladder exit point with inside loop for easy clipping
  • Internal Laptop sleeve fits most 15” laptops (quick side entry)
  • Use code EMPOWER to get 10% off!

JuJu Be Gone Black Box:

  • Juju Be Gone is an exciting new Denver company that curates gift boxes for those moments in life when the perfect gift is hard to find, or for the person that has everything.
  • Each of the Juju Be Gone gift boxes include high-quality products that inspire self-care, relaxation and even a little adventure. Some of their unique themes include New Beginnings, A Streak of Bad Luck, New Homes, Breakups and other monumental moments in life.
  • Today, we are featuring the Juju Black box – their signature toolkit to help set intentions, chase away negativity and cleanse oneself or your space just in time for the holidays
  • Take a breather and enjoy the soulful elements in each box, including a custom scented candle, a bundle of sage, a piece of Palo Santo holy wood, a Selenite crystal, a symbolic feather, a custom bottle of matches and a chic tray. All with the instructions to do it. The perfect gift for yourself or someone else going through the holiday with intention.

Threads Worldwide Jewelry:

  • Threads Worldwide is not just an amazing fair trade direct sales company. Threads actually exists to create a female-led sustainable supply-chain that supports, encourages, and promotes women-led businesses in the U.S. and around the world.
  • From the artisan partners we work with that create our beautiful jewelry and accessories in developing countries, to our local US entrepreneurs that bring that sell the jewelry through their own fair-trade businesses, Threads Worldwide created life-changing with women around the world.
  • Threads works in 15 different countries with artisan partners to help curate and customize jewelry for the U.S. market. In the USA, Threads guides women towards building a thriving business based around selling Threads jewelry through showcases in other women’s homes. We are intentional about women connecting face to face and in each other’s homes—it’s not just about selling jewelry but about creating conversations and community throughout the U.S. around a purpose. Every piece in the Threads line has the power to bridge the gap between the woman who wears it and the woman who made it, creating threads of connection and sisterhood across the globe.

Threads Worldwide Jewelry

PurLuxe Beauty Bar in Denver’s Cherry Creek neighborhood

  • Featuring the PurLuxe “Cool as a Cucumber” pedicure
  • Moms can treat themselves during the holidays with this most relaxing pedicure which includes a cooling cucumber slough and a soak that softens the rough areas of the feet.
  • The treatment is completed with a paraffin dip that leaves the feet perfectly soft and smooth. It also includes an intensive callus treatment – the perfect remedy for all that mall shopping!
  • The cost for this pedicure is $55.
For some products featured, The Mama Sagas may receive an affiliate sales commission.
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