In just over a week, The Mama Sagas will launch it’s first ebook, The Guide to Survive Motherhood: Newborn Edition!

The Mama Sagas was born out of my need to find the answers and advice I sought as a new mom, but couldn’t easily find. I found myself thinking, “I wish there was a manual for this!” So, The Mama Sagas is making one! The Guide will provide all the resources a new mom needs in one place: not just expert advice to help care for baby, but also solutions to heal her own body and thrive in her new role as mom.
The Guide to Survive Motherhood: Newborn Edition offers expert advice from lactation consultants, perinatal nutritionists with expertise in formula feeding, pelvic floor physical therapists, diastasis rehab experts, infant sleep experts, postpartum fitness experts, postpartum doulas, mental health experts, dieticians, OBGYNs, pediatricians and more. The book will be sold through Amazon (give it as a gift to a new mom in your life!) as well as right here on our site, and $1 of each sale will be donated to Every Mother Counts
To get your copy, click here!