“How quickly it all happens, you know? Some days it seems like it just drags on and on and on, and then you blink and they grow up.

I’ve really learned how to slow down and appreciate the small things since my daughter came into my life. And I’ve learned I need to be open-minded. That’s what I would say to any mother: Be ready for anything that comes your way. Unknowns happen. Take advantage of everything you can to help your child. We mothers shape the world.”

We mothers shape the world.

I could not think of a better quote to close out our #31Mothers campaign. Thank you to all who shared their stories, and to those of you who have read them. I was floored by the response – from both readers and women who have a story to share – and will continue to feature two stories a week going forward. I can’t wait to see this beautiful, inspiring sisterhood grow.

If anything has become clear to me during the last 31 days, it is this: Motherhood is not a sacrifice, it is an opportunity: an opportunity to find our power, to discover our purpose, and to rise to our true potential. And when all of us do just that, there is no stopping us.



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