I recently stopped by the Everyday show to demo some of my favorite products for #momlife. My daughters even got to make a cameo! Between two feisty girls, 6 products, a pair of lost car keys, one near-miss potty accident, and forgetting to bring everything, it’s a MIRACLE we made it to the studio in time. That sigh I let out in the beginning of the video was REAL LIFE, GUYS.

For more info on the products in the segment, check out the links below!


1) Baby Backups – Never lose an outfit to a diaper blow out ever again! Designed by a mom after she used maxi pads to prevent diaper blow outs. Available on Amazon.

2) Boppy Newborn Lounger – THE BEST gift no one ever registers for. It’s not a traditional boppy pillow, because it doesn’t have the donut shape. It’s a portable, washable, support cushion for the littlest babies. It provides an easy place to lay baby down while you’re eating dinner, doing laundry, visiting friends, etc. It’s also a great way to elevate baby after feedings, if they have reflux.

3) Car Seat Head Support Band – These are PERFECT to make sure your baby or toddler’s head doesn’t fall forward when they sleep in the car. Allows them to keep their airway open, and also doubles as a sleep mask, to keep out light.

4) ImmiGo Portable, Foldable Car Seat – It’s a car seat that is safe (5 point harness and latch system) that also FOLDS for easy transport. Ideal for travel. Fits in an overhead compartment. Used by UBER in select urban markets.

5) 2-in-1 GO Potty Seat – this is a LIFESAVER for potty training! We keep ours in the car for emergencies, when our 2 year old has to go right away. We also travel with it in the diaper bag, for use in public restrooms – it is the right size for little bums, and has handles so they don’t have to touch dirty public seats.

6) Strider 14 x bike that converts to a pedal bike AND Strider 12 bike that comes with a rocker base for babies – The 14 x bike is big enough for 3-7 year olds and converts to a pedal bike when they are ready! Save yourself the money of buying two bikes. The Strider 12 bike is good for kids as young as 18 months, and offers a rocker base attachment to get them used to the bike from a very young age!

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Saralyn Ward is an award-winning writer, wellness advocate, and mountain mama. She is the founder of The Mama Sagas, writes for several publications and hosts a regular parenting TV segment on Colorado's Everyday Show. When she's not huddled over edits, you're likely to find Saralyn climbing peaks or skiing down them, and reminding herself that the two little girls that call her mom are not the boss of her.